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6 Technological Share Business Services (SBS) Innovation Ideas

How do you make sure that your customers are receiving assistance in a timely manner, while also reducing queues and increasing efficiency?

It's been challenging couple of years for #ShareBusinessServices industry.

A lot has changed in the world. Times are more uncertain than ever before. But thanks to the hard work of contact center managers, supervisors, and software developers worldwide, we’re now seeing new call center technologies and tactics develop at an unprecedented rate.

The industry has received positive developments, indicating numerous opportunities to improve efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness, which ultimately results in happier customers for your organization.

However, with a new year ahead, it's essential to determine the most suitable technologies and strategies to achieve top-quality service with flexibility, low expenses, and minimal complications, while still ensuring customer satisfaction.

As such, consumers now expect organisations to be available via several communication methods - from traditional phone calls to website-embedded live chat.

So, how do you keep up with customer demand?

One way to enhance customer interaction for your contact center is to utilize a multichannel engagement platform. For example, say you get a lot of callers who have navigated your website but only need answers to basic queries.

A viable solution to aid these users and reduce workload for your staff is to implement a chatbot for customer service on your website. The chatbot can be programmed to handle these specific inquiries promptly and effectively.

Next, you could install a live chat function within your website too.

If you're interested in serving customers more efficiently, #automation and #AI are two of the most effective innovations.

In fact, some research suggests that just over half of customers prefer talking to a chatbot or virtual agent when looking to quickly solve a query online. This is because these bots are known to deliver immediate answers without any risk of queuing.

Your organization and customers both gain from this advantage, as automated bots utilizing AI can offer faster and more efficient service at a lower expense.

Just remember: when you implement a chatbot on your website, it's important to integrate with other communication channels that are managed by a human support team.

Long wait times are one of the worst examples of poor customer service. Nevertheless, every call center manager or supervisor knows that they are sometimes unavoidable.

So, how do you make sure that your customers are receiving assistance in a timely manner, while also reducing queues and increasing efficiency? That’s where web callbacks come in. That way, your customers can request a free#callback at any time that suits them. It means your agents can be free to take on more #inbound calls, while you and the team face reduced pressure.

In addition, incorporating web callbacks as an option for connecting your Call Center and website can help to alleviate any frustration experienced by dissatisfied customers who would have to wait without this feature, which is a highly astute decision.

The prevalence of #globalization and multiculturalism implies that your customers may communicate in languages beyond your country's primary language. For instance, a municipal government that caters to a city with a substantial Spanish-speaking population must provide the same caliber of service to them as they do to native English speakers.

Offering multilingual assistance from your contact center can differentiate your business by providing more customized customer service, which is a smart strategy for enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What's the best way to offer multilingual customer service fast? The answer lies in deploying a customer service platform with built-in #multilingual translation. It means your support agents can instantly converse with your customers in +100 languages, giving your customers greater accessibility and your organization a competitive edge

As the pandemic emerged, an increasing number of customers have grown to value the emergence of video-based customer service. This is because organizations promptly acknowledged the benefits that online video chat offers, such as real-time face-to-face interaction, accessible from any device or location. These benefits are highly advantageous for delivering a personalized and convenient customer experience.

However, the real benefits of a video call center lie in the channel’s ability to boost sales and increase contact center efficiency.

An example of the effectiveness of video chat support is the ability for support agents to establish rapport with customers, leading to an increase in average order value by 30%. The key reason why video chat support is so efficient is due to the ability to foster a connection and mutual understanding.

As such, video chat allows customers and call center support agents to better understand each other, faster.

Currently, integrating social media live chat enables you to seamlessly link platforms such as #Twitter, #Facebook, and #Instagram with your call center. This technology essentially enables your support agents to engage with your customers on their preferred platform.

As an example, suppose your business has a Facebook page with higher engagement rates than your website. In that case, you may receive numerous inquiries from customers via Facebook Messenger. Your support agents can answer these queries like they would any other live chat message or email - all from a single dashboard.

Utilizing social media live chat integration is an excellent method to expedite response times and decrease obstacles, enhancing customer satisfaction and efficiency.

As demonstrated by the creative concepts mentioned earlier, numerous new tactics for transforming call centers circle around linking formerly separate contact channels.

Therefore, ensuring that all of your customer contact channels are working collaboratively with one another is one of the most effective approaches to revitalizing your call center in 2023.

After all, if your website and your call center are still acting as separate entities, you'll need to accept a difficult truth: You won't be able to keep up with your competitors, nor your customers.

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